Most of the goods at Amazon are from China and these products are accessible to multiple companies, regardless of size, because of marketplaces like Alibaba. Anyone who is new to this business certainly would want to be informed how to source products from China to Amazon FBA and how to deal with Chinese suppliers.

Here are few things which you must know before you start sourcing from China:

·         Compliance with your country standards:

It is necessary to check before importing products that product safety is fulfilled and there are no patents prohibiting the sales. It is a common mistake by Amazon seller that they believe that Chinese suppliers automatically meet all legal requirements but this is not the case. If anything goes wrong, the issuer is always responsible. And if goods are already in your country, there is no option but to destroy the whole inventory.

·         Period for the offered price:

It is important to consider the period for the offered price. Suppliers usually write in their offer “This price is valid for … months” so it gives buyers the certainty that price is for certain period of time and if material prices increase during this period, you will be immune to this.

·         Verify the suppliers:

In China, everyone can rent a room and take some pictures of foreign manufacturers. Alibaba does not give any guarantee that suppliers listed are reliable. Therefore, supplier verification is crucial before first order.

·         Consider working with intermediaries:

Sometime people buy goods from the manufacturers just to cut costs. However, this might not be the best idea as manufacturer is not always the best supplier. So working with agent might come handy as they have know-how and appropriate solutions for any related concerns.

·         Prototypes:

Seller should always ask for prototypes or product samples. You should always have a sample in hand before large order when sourcing from China.

·         Other sources for suppliers:

Alibaba is not always the best source for suppliers. Most of the big companies are not on Alibaba. Therefore, considering other platforms might be worthy.