As we know, China is becoming the largest hub of manufacturing in the world. It is most likely that most of the products we use are produced in China. It is expected that soon the country will become world’s biggest economy. One main factor behind this success is its extending network of outsourcing goods and services around world, as predicted by experts.

If you are a small business, sourcing from China can be very beneficial for you due to less manufacturing cost and relaxed import-export regulations. You can easily exploit cost-effective purchasing and generate major revenues for your business. You can hire a reliable sourcing agent in China who would manage the operation on your behalf instead of an overseas office to operate sourcing from China. And here are few easy ways of finding reputed and reliable sourcing agents:

·         The Internet:

 Internet is one the easiest ways of finding suppliers in China. It is always advisable for new entrepreneurs to cast their networks wider and look for China product sourcing agents that best suit their requirements. Before settling on your supplier of choice, you must always look for more information regarding the platform, including their performance, certifications, product and service types, contact information, reviews, etc. to gain more insights. This will help you to stay clear of fraudulent companies and counterfeit products, which have been increasingly troubling small and large companies alike.

·         Social Media & Networking sites:

Social media has become the largest growing form of networking these days. Although it is not usually regarded as an ideal or popular platform to look for suppliers, it can nonetheless direct you to a reliable sourcing agent China. 

·         Trade shows & Exhibitions:

Trade shows and exhibitions are perhaps the most reliable way to get hold of legitimate, reliable sourcing agents in China. By attending these, you will get a chance to meet your potential suppliers face-to-face and inquire them about their products, services, quality control procedures, production capacity, terms and conditions, certifications, and other key areas necessary for making a business deal. Such direct communications will not only help you verify their credentials but will also give you an opportunity to evaluate their reliability and authenticity.

Sourcing from China involves many potential risks for small US-based businesses. Poor quality issues, receiving counterfeit products, difficulty in enforcing negotiations and contracts are some of the major problems that you may come across in this process. In addition to these, there are problems of language barrier, import-export regulations, meeting the industry standards of the importing country, etc. that may disrupt your supply chain. To avoid them, you must collaborate with a reliable and efficient sourcing agent China.